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doTERRA Essential Oils: Healthy Product Line Full Of Beneficial Effects?



doTERRA Essential Oils

Our current lifestyle has accelerated the rise of different health problems. In the quest of finding the healthiest options by researching alternative ways of preventing and healing some of these health problems, different essential oil brands have surfaced. Essential oils are naturally occurring concentrated liquids that are extracted from different parts of a plant. There are different methods employed to extract these oils with distillation and expression being the most common techniques.

Essential oils alleviate diseases naturally. They are an integral part of several beauty and self-care regimes. They surpass the use of synthetic remedies due to their many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Some of the common health benefits that you gain by using essential oils include: stimulating digestion, promoting relaxation, balancing weight, promoting healthy skin, alleviating pain, overcoming insomnia and reducing stress.

It is for this reason that different brands have ventured into production of essential oils. It can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially for a first-time user, to pick the best essential oil brands. You will be confused on what essential oil brand to purchase with different sites having conflicting information. Quality, cost, reputation, purity, intended purpose and services offered are some of the top factors to consider when choosing the right brand.

doTERRA is one of the brands that is a favorite among many essential oils users due to its quality products that suit their budget, needs and preferences. New to the essential oil world or not, you have probably heard of doTERRA. This post will tell you why doTERRA is the best essential oil brand on the market.

What Makes doTERRA The Best Essential Oil Brand?

doTERRA began operations in 2008, and it has swiftly grown to attain top status in the industry. It guarantees its customers 100% potency and purity from their distinctive Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade (CPTG) testing and low-heat distillation methods. CPTG process is a registered quality protocol meant to ensure the quality of the essential oil. With around 120 items, this brand has a wide range of certified pure therapeutic-grade products.

It is worth mentioning that doTERRA products have zero socio-economic boundaries. The brand is popular among the younger demographic thanks to its attractive marketing techniques. The company uses innovative technology in its operations and reviews their methods regularly to improve distillation methods. The brand partners with top scientists and health institutions to advance the research on essential oils. If you feel dissatisfied with any product from doTERRA, you can be given a 100% refund on returns. The returns are subject to reasonable terms and conditions. They also offer 100% credit on a future purchase. They are devoted to providing superior quality products and exceptional customer service.

8 Reasons That Make DoTERRA Stand Out

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Quality Testing

The purity of an essential oil determines its effectiveness. Using essential oils that are not pure can provoke irritation, sickness, and other adverse effects. Such oils can contain heavy metals, germs, and adulterants. doTERRA’s CPTG’s rating ensures that you get nothing but the best. If you are a seasoned essential oils user, you will instantaneously identify doTERRA’s superior quality standard for purely effective and naturally safe product. The rating certifies that their products are 100% pure essential oil extracts.

doTERRA performs 7 types of testing that are done on every batch of essential oil by an independent Third Party University. The tests begin immediately after distillation. They are Gas Chromatography, Microbial, spectrometry, organoleptic, chirality, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, heavy metal and isotopic testing. The result is a pure, consistent and reliable essential oil.

Size, Packaging, And Price

doTERRA is available in over 42 single essential oils and over 19 blends that have distinct wellness applications. Packaging comes in either 15ml or 5ml bottle. Packaging undergoes a series of tests to guarantee a long and effective shelf-life. The company designs user-friendly packaging to enable easy application. Price is dependent on packaging with an introductory kit costing an affordable $23. They have the lowest price in the industry compared to other pure best essential oil brands in the market. doTERRA has the right balance of the highest quality products and competitive pricing.

Health Benefits

doTERRA is formulated centered on a comprehensive wellness philosophy. They use ingredients that are free from chemical residues, contaminants and pesticides. It has pure and natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants. The bottom line is that they work, which is one of the reasons that has made them grow into one of the world’s largest essential oil brand in the world.

Experience And Reputation

Having been in the essential oils industry for 10 years, doTERRA has amassed experience over the years. The brand has been in business long enough and over that time, they have served thousands of satisfied customers. The executives come from a diverse background with immense knowledge in various industries. Their ethical reputation and good relationship with their customers have earned them several repeat clients. Many health professionals highly recommend this brand’s products due to their high quality and effectiveness.

Customer Interactions

doTERRA always keeps its customers up to date on the latest blends, carrier oils, promotions and new products. They offer their clients newsletters and recourse websites to give them all the information they may require. It is easy accessing more information on their products and the latest entrants. Their website is also easy to navigate.

Sourcing For Supreme Potency –Tested Pure Ingredients

The sourcing process of doTERRA is what gives the brand the edge over its competitors. Their oils are sourced from various parts of the world. The ingredients are extracted from the right species, environment and the right part of the plant. They are also extracted at the right period, and distillation is done under the right conditions. They undergo testing to ensure that they have the correct chemical compounds.

doTERRA performs chemical analysis in the different locations where the plants are grown traditionally. They then choose the location that showcases the best chemical compounds. Some brands get away with claiming that they are pure in spite of mixing lesser quality oils with the more pricey oils. doTERRA essential oils are certified not to have any fillers added to them which makes them much stronger and more effective.

Reward System

doTERRA offers wholesale incentives and reward programs for their best sellers and users. You can earn points that can be used to buy or exchange their products. The brand also offers random free products with any qualifying purchase. This implies that even if you are not part of the reward system, you are not completely left out. You get up to 30% back in free product on each order. You also get the cost of shipping back in free essential oil products on LRP orders. For sellers, the more you sell, the more the perks and freebies you get. The brand ensures that there is always a new and interesting thing to cash the points in for.

Co-Impact Sourcing

This is a noble venture by doTERRA that is meant to impact the lives of the people who contribute to the production process. These individuals are the farmers, harvesters and distillers from over 40 countries. The brand offers farmers a fair price in exchange for higher quality products. This ensures that the essential oils are of the highest quality which in turn maintains their medicinal quality while helping the world in the process. The sourcing provides reliable income to small-scale farmers and long-term and mutually beneficial supplier partnerships. doTERRA is also involved with many charitable projects that range from building schools to sponsoring existing medical clinics.

doTERRA Essential Oils Conclusion

Many reputable essential oil brands are offering essential oils in various types and fragrances. It can be daunting to make the right choice, with many websites feeding people half-truths as far as essential oils and their purity are concerned. Having the necessary knowledge will help you make an informed choice. This post has combined the benefits that make doTERRA the best brand.

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